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Premiere Press Release

Program Booklet
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Photos by:
Blessed Photography

Poster artwork by:
Mark A. Boyle at
Mark also created the role of "Benny"



Becoming World Changers: 
Implementing the Message
of Fifty-Third Street

    • Cast members of the opera participated in a poverty simulation hosted by TEAMwork for Quality Living

    • Virginia B. Ball Center and TEAMwork for Quality Living were instrumental in advertising for the opera premiere

    • Free tickets to the opera were provided to local area homeless shelters

    • Both organizations were given complimentary advertising in the program book for the opera

    • Virginia B. Ball Center provided a display within the lobby and created a powerful power-point presentation of poverty facts from Delaware County which played silently on the large screen above the stage following the final blackout.

    • Ushers at the door offered audience members an opportunity to learn more about EPIC and its programs as they exited the venue.



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